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Carl Ellerson

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A Little About Me

Born and raised here in Raleigh, NC, I have been intrigued by the real estate world since I was a young boy - staying up past my bed time looking at homes that just hit the market or sketching potential dream homes. I have always valued relationships with family and friends and will never pass up an opportunity to make a new friend. Looking back, I realize that I developed my desire to challenge and encourage other young adults from my days as a student at Smith Stearns Tennis Academy. That desire has evolved into a passion for challenging other young adults to grow, develop, and always be content, but NEVER satisfied.

So Who is Carl Ellerson?
I absolutely love living an active lifestyle; whether it be playing sports like golf and tennis, going for runs and throwing a little weight around in the gym, or most importantly spending time with my nieces at the pool and the beach. Having 3 siblings and 6 nieces, we always strive for more time together to create lasting memories. My parents have always supported me in everything I do, encouraged me to be better, and always advised me to push further, and go for more - which is WHY I have a driving force to embody that message and pass it on, leading by example. The passion for challenging other young adults to grow and develop has evolved out of my mentality of ALWAYS striving for more, and leading by example. For instance, going harder in the gym, making it further in that next tennis tournament, or growing myself through personal development to have a stronger and better impact on our community. Let’s be honest, I would not be the person I am today if I was sitting behind a computer in a cubicle 8-10 hours a day. I have become this man by getting in front of people and kicking the pavement each and every day.

So Why Does Carl's Background Matter?
I come to the Real Estate world from a 7-year career in fitness and nutrition. I was very fortunate to be a tennis professional at one of the top country clubs in North Carolina where I gave and learned many lessons. To me, it was more than just a “job” because the culture we created was a total family environment. To the members, I was more than just an employee – I was a friend that just happened to work there. My experience in nutrition comes very powerfully because I learned many skills in how to help people find the absolute best fit for their family and their lifestyle needs.

So Why The Jim Allen Group?
I took all of these experiences into serious consideration when choosing my "home" to be a Realtor. The mindset of the Team, the family culture, and the AMBITION from our leader is why I chose the Jim Allen Group. Our clients will not only get an experienced Realtor, who is willing to go to bat for you, but they also get an entire team of people that are working for YOU. We are more than the #1 Coldwell Banker team in all of North America. Each and every person we work with are more than clients, they are welcomed into our Jim Allen Group family for a lifetime.

As You May See...
When you choose Carl Ellerson to be your Realtor for buying and listing your home, you are going to get a Realtor that will bust his butt for you. A Realtor who won’t be satisfied until the BEST property is found for your family, a proven marketing system to get your house sold securing the best price, and a lifelong friendship. I look forward to working with you and EARNING your business. I just wouldn’t have it any other way.

- Carl

Carl Ellerson
Broker | Realtor®
Office: 919.607.3879
Mobile: 919.607.3879
The Jim Allen Group
5000 Falls of Neuse Rd., Suite 235
Raleigh NC 27609

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