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Carey Jean Jackson

M: 910.729.9772

Carey Jean Jackson, The Optimist

Carey Jean believes everyone deserves positivity in their lives and that they deserve the opportunity to create better outcomes for themselves. In fact, it’s a belief that’s inspired her as a Realtor. As she helps her clients buy and sell homes, she says her goal is to help them get to the next level in life. Whether that means downsizing or finding a bigger home, she wants her clients to experience more out of life. And she puts everything into helping them do just that.

Originally raised in southeastern North Carolina, Carey Jean moved to Raleigh in 2014. That move made a huge difference in her life, she said. “It helped me level up in life and understand other things about the world. I became a better person for it.” That philosophy drove her even when she launched her career as a Realtor. The first home she sold was as an agent for first-time home buyers. The buyers were a family of 7 who moved from a 3-bedroom home into a 6-bedroom home. “I have kids, so I definitely have a soft spot for helping people with kids get to a better spot,” she said. “It was like a weight lifted off of them because they were able to move into their next chapter with more space and peace of mind. Now they are empowered to give back to their community and are able to encourage their children to do that as well.”

She credits her own growth to her high school agriculture teacher, who took her under his wing in high school. “He held me to a higher standard while making sure I knew that I deserved that higher standard,” she said. “He wouldn’t let me settle for less.” Thanks to him, she honed her leadership skills as a teenager, also through the involvement of the National FFA organization. “It molded me into a professional,” she said.

Today, she uses those skills to embrace her clients and colleagues, encouraging them to hold themselves to a higher standard, too. “I definitely love working with first-time home buyers,” she said. As an agent for first-time home buyers, she is gifted at building trust. “They allow me to be their tour guide through the process. They trust me to answer the questions for them. They trust me to get things done for them. They bring me along on that journey, and that always feels good.” She also enjoys helping her clients build new homes and ensuring their visions are brought to life.

Carey Jean has been with The Jim Allen Group since 2019. She knew from the moment she met with the JAG team that it was where she wanted to be. She has been named “Ms. Positivity” by her colleagues at Jim Allen Group because she believes in bringing joy into the workplace every day. “The world’s hard enough. We don’t need to be hard on each other,” she said. “Show people grace.”

Outside of work, Carey Jean is the proud mother of her three children, Jamirah, Ezekiel, and Aiyanna. While not working, she enjoys volunteering within her community, organizing, watching motivational speakers, home goods shopping, and developing her knowledge of real estate to better assist her clients

Carey Jean Jackson
Broker | Realtor®
Mobile: 910.729.9772
The Jim Allen Group
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