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Monthly Archives: February 2021

    Community Spotlight: Jameson’s Cove

    By Lisa Shackleford | February 25, 2021

     Jameson’s Cove is located in South Cary and is great for anyone looking for a luxury home in a quiet neighborhood with a lot of privacy. There are only 13 homesites located in this neighborhood, which means road traffic and noise are minimal. A homesite in this luxury community offers you the opportunity to... Read More

    Major Revitalization Plan for Downtown Apex Scheduled to Begin in 2021

    By Lisa Shackleford | February 24, 2021

    The Town of Apex is looking to make 2021 a year of transformation for the town by embarking on its long-planned downtown revitalization plan. Apex is a community that has begun to grow exponentially, as the price of housing in Cary rises very rapidly. Town officials are working to create a vibrant downtown atmosphere on... Read More

    The Best Of Grocery Stores in The Raleigh-Durham Metro Area

    By Lisa Shackleford | February 19, 2021

    There is no doubt that improving technology, changing consumer preferences and the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we shop for food. This is especially true in the Raleigh-Durham area, where the population is said to grow by 20 people a day. This trend has not slowed down, despite the year-long challenges of the... Read More

    Featured Community: Montreaux

    By Lisa Shackleford | February 18, 2021

    1204 Hannahs View Drive from Jim Allen Group on Vimeo. The luxury home market in Raleigh has continued to flourish despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Since people are spending more time at home and not spending money on things like vacations, they are instead looking to improve their quality of life at home. This means adding... Read More

    Town Highlight: Wake Forest

    By Lisa Shackleford | February 17, 2021

    Wake Forest is a rapidly expanding suburb of Raleigh, located northeast of the city. Originally the home of Wake Forest University, which is now located in Winston-Salem, this town has a rich history of its own. If you are looking for a historic town that’s conveniently located close to Raleigh, with both a small-town feel... Read More

    Three Tips for Your Next Move in the Triangle

    By Lisa Shackleford | February 16, 2021

    Between growing the size of a family to your kids just growing up, families tend to get big fast. Often, that growth leads to a shift in what’s most important for your family home. If you’ve been living in a home you purchased at a different phase of life, it could be time to start... Read More

    By Admin | February 15, 2021

    Looking for a home that inspires true love? We’d love to help! Let’s Get Started Read More

    3 Ways Covid-19 is Changing the Luxury Home Market

    By Lisa Shackleford | February 15, 2021

    The Triangle’s luxury home market is moving ahead at full steam, but that doesn’t mean Covid-19 hasn’t touched the way buyers are looking for homes. As habits have changed and people are staying home more, they’re also finding ways their homes may need to accommodate their new lifestyles. If you’re in the market for a... Read More

    Last-minute Valentine’s Day Ideas in the Triangle

    By Lisa Shackleford | February 12, 2021

    While this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration may be a little different this year, there are still plenty of ways to support some of the small businesses in the Raleigh-Durham area, while treating yourself and your sweetie to a romantic evening. Here are some of our picks: Trophy Brewing Company’s “Love Shacks” Looking for a way... Read More

    Community Spotlight: North Ridge

    By Lisa Shackleford | February 11, 2021

     North Ridge is an established neighborhood located in the heart of North Raleigh. The community was initially constructed in 1976, and continually developed through the 2000s. Many of the homes here were built before the Triangle experienced the explosion of growth that we have been experiencing in recent years. The cornerstone of the community... Read More