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Monthly Archives: July 2022

    How to build client relationships that last

    By Jim Allen | July 26, 2022

    In any kind of industry, you won’t get nearly as far without support from your clients and customers. Client relationships are important in business, and the statistics about Word-of-Mouth Marketing make that fact obvious. Word-of-mouth is credited for driving $6 trillion in annual global spending. And nearly 90 percent of people trust a brand when... Read More

    Outdoor Music Venues and Events In The Triangle Area

    By The JAG Team | July 25, 2022

    If you are a music lover and long for an outdoor experience with your loved ones, we’ve got you covered. Our learning to be a local series is jam-packed with resources to help you navigate the Triangle area. This week, we are serving up a list of some of the top outdoor music events you... Read More

    How to create a wish list when you’re looking for a home

    By The JAG Team | July 24, 2022

    If you’re thinking of buying a home, you may already be dreaming of what the perfect place may be. After all, most people choose to buy for specific reasons: They want to move to a particular location. A change in family dynamics has occurred. They desire a life change.  Reasons like these tend to shape... Read More

    Ways to flip the script when things get tough

    By Jim Allen | July 18, 2022

    The past few years have pushed the limits on the world’s mental health. Even when we’re not living during a pandemic, the brain has what psychologists refer to as a “negativity bias.” Research shows humans tend to react strongly to negative stimuli, as well as ruminate on it. Some research even refers to the 3-to-1... Read More

    Understanding due diligence in a 2022 housing marking

    By The JAG Team | July 18, 2022

    When you’re buying a home, particularly in the current housing market, there are numerous considerations you need to make to ensure you make a great offer that gets accepted. You need a solid down payment and money for closing costs. You’ll also need extra up-front cash for earnest money and due diligence. If you aren’t... Read More

    Grow your brand and your business with video

    By Jim Allen | July 11, 2022

    If you’ve been successful in your field for a few years, you have knowledge to share. Experts in their field are highly regarded for their knowledge. They are also sought out for their opinions and expertise. It’s why, as an expert, you should be looking for ways to share what you’ve learned in your career.... Read More

    5 Tips For A Successful Relocation

    By The JAG Team | July 11, 2022

    Are you considering relocating to a new town or state? Perhaps your career leads you to a new location, or you’re just ready for something new. Whatever your reason for relocation, it takes time and energy to prepare for this life-changing decision. Although there are some pitfalls that you want to avoid during the relocation... Read More

    How to invest in yourself to be a stronger leader

    By Jim Allen | July 5, 2022

    In years past, perceptions of what made a good leader spanned from how quickly a person made a decision to how many hours they worked in a week. In a modern workplace, however, strong leaders are positive, mission-driven, and they willingly put their teams first. If you’re thinking about how to be a better leader,... Read More

    Zebulon Town Spotlight

    By The JAG Team | July 5, 2022

    Zebulon is a suburban area located in the eastern region of Wake County, North Carolina. The population of Zebulon is continuously growing, rising over 50% since 2012 to 6,769 people. Residents enjoy the small-town friendly atmosphere with the convenience of all the Triangle area has to offer like shopping centers, entertainment, and outdoor recreation.  History... Read More

    Gas-saving entertainment in the Triangle

    By The JAG Team | July 1, 2022

    With gas prices on the rise, families and loved ones are seeking creative ways to stay entertained without breaking the bank! Although Raleigh is said to be a car-dependent city, there are still ways you can save gas (and money) if you’re willing to get a little creative!  We compiled a list of affordable and... Read More