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Monthly Archives: August 2022

    Cary Town Highlight

    By The JAG Team | August 31, 2022

    The town of Cary, NC, is conveniently located between Durham, Raleigh, and Research Triangle Park and happens to be in a desirable, central location that is constantly growing. Having a current population of 182,619, Cary was ranked the #1 safest city in the United States in 2013 and has held the same sentiments over the... Read More

    What your business stands for and why it matters

    By Jim Allen | August 30, 2022

    If you’re running a business, you need a foundation to stand on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a technology company, a restaurant, a real estate group, or an e-commerce business. You need to know what sets you apart from everyone else. And part of that foundation is knowing what it is you stand for. In... Read More

    What to do if you’ve inherited a home in North Carolina

    By The JAG Team | August 28, 2022

    It’s never easy to sort through financial affairs after you’ve lost a loved one. Yet the debts and assets of a parent, grandparent, or anyone else you may be tied to might end up becoming your responsibility to sort through. If one of your loved ones leaves behind a home and it’s either been willed... Read More

    NC Mid-Market Fast 40 Recipient

    By The JAG Team | August 26, 2022

    On Wednesday, August 24th, 2022, forty North Carolina-based companies were honored for being the fastest-growing mid-size businesses in revenue and employment growth this year. The Jim Allen Group was honored to receive such a memorable accolade for the second year in a row, ranking number 34 this year.  The award was given by Business North... Read More

    The importance of teamwork

    By Jim Allen | August 23, 2022

    In business, everyone talks about teamwork and the importance of great teams. The question is this: is teamwork just a buzzword, or is it actually critical to the success of a business? In my experience, having an excellent team who can work together can make a business wildly successful. There are components of teamwork that... Read More

    How to form strategic partnerships for your business

    By Jim Allen | August 16, 2022

    One of the best ways to grow your business — outside of simply selling a great product or service — is one that can help your business flourish in smart ways. Put your efforts into building strategic partnerships. This type of partnership focuses on collaborative efforts that make sense for two businesses. As an example,... Read More

    Myths about today’s housing market

    By The JAG Team | August 15, 2022

    Over the past two years, the real estate market in the Triangle moved at a fast pace. Over the course of the past two years, the market has experienced major shifts in median sales. Inventory has been low. Due diligence costs have increased significantly. It’s a lot to consider when buying or selling a home.... Read More

    Knightdale Town Spotlight

    By The JAG Team | August 9, 2022

    Located just nine miles from Downtown Raleigh, Knightdale is an eclectic town that continues to add amenities that attract new residents. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the population of Knightdale is 19,576, which has doubled in the last fifteen years. For those seeking a growing town with plenty of dining, shopping, and excellent proximity... Read More

    How becoming a mentor can enhance your leadership skills

    By Jim Allen | August 9, 2022

    We often hear about the benefits of finding mentors in our career. But becoming a mentor can often be just as momentous of an occasion as finding one to help you grow. As a mentor, you get to see a person progress in their career while learning how to better communicate. You get to explore... Read More

    7 tips for saving for a home

    By The JAG Team | August 8, 2022

    In a modern real estate market, the idea of saving money to buy a home may be intimidating. As median prices within the Triangle and due diligence fees have continued to rise, the thought of purchasing a home may feel completely out of reach if you aren’t already saving toward that dream. With a focused... Read More