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Monthly Archives: June 2023

    You’ve made an offer! Now what?

    By The JAG Team | June 27, 2023

    Congratulations, you’ve found a home you want to buy. You’ve spent the time looking for the perfect home, and now that you’ve found it, you are waiting to make sure all the pieces fall into place. It may feel like an eternity, and keep in mind that it might be a day or two before... Read More

    6 ways to motivate your team

    By Jim Allen | June 27, 2023

    If you’re aiming to run a successful company, there’s one truth you need to know: you cannot do it alone. In fact, if you’re set on scaling and growing your business with purpose, you need a team that believes in what your company stands for. Your team needs to know how much you value them.... Read More

    A guide to summer music hot spots in the Triangle

    By The JAG Team | June 19, 2023

    There’s nothing better than live music in the summers. That’s especially true in the Triangle, where the summers are hot, but residents love taking to the streets to gather with friends and enjoy incredible food and an undeniably relaxing vibe. If you’re looking for great music this summer, check out the following spots that can’t... Read More

    Personality traits to watch for if you’re an entrepreneur

    By The JAG Team | June 13, 2023

    Launching a business isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes more than a great idea or product alone. It also takes determination, grit, and an entrepreneurial mindset that researchers at the University of Michigan say is essential for new businesses to be developed. And while many traits make a great entrepreneur, it’s important to... Read More

    9 things to know before moving to the Triangle

    By The JAG Team | June 12, 2023

    Thinking about moving to the Raleigh-Durham area? The Triangle is a wonderful place to call home on so many levels. Raleigh-Durham is highly educated, youthful, and friendly. And there are so many reasons you’ll love calling it your home. Yet when it comes to really understanding all there is to know about this area, there... Read More

    Salt vs. chlorine: how to pick the perfect outdoor pool

    By The JAG Team | June 5, 2023

    The summer heat is hitting the Triangle and one of the best, most unforgettable ways to beat the heat is by hitting the pool to cool off. If the thought of a pool in your backyard is inviting and you don’t already have one, it might be time to make the investment in this summertime... Read More