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Monthly Archives: December 2023

    Thoughts for a New Year

    By Jim Allen | December 20, 2023

    With Christmas and a New Year just days away, I can’t help but think back about the year with gratitude. I can’t deny that 2023 had its share of ups and downs. Yet nearly every day brought with it lessons and new opportunities to learn and grow. So many of us are always ready to... Read More

    How to downsize and simplify your life

    By The JAG Team | December 19, 2023

    Many of us are guilty of holding on to things that clutter up our homes. From clothes we don’t wear anymore to unused tools that sit in the basement or garage to grandma’s hand-me-downs; it’s a normal reaction to develop emotional connections to “stuff.” While having a home filled with items you love or are... Read More

    The benefits of multi-family living

    By The JAG Team | December 12, 2023

    Multi-family homes have been a part of the urban landscape for as long as people have wanted to be a part of city culture. Similar to apartments, the main thing that differentiates multi-family structures like condos and townhomes is that you buy the property as you would a single-family home. That means it’s yours to... Read More

    Invest in your future by investing in real estate

    By Jim Allen | December 6, 2023

    As you start gaining more income in your business, you need to start thinking about the types of investments you can make to grow your wealth. You may already be thinking about investments like stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). One of the other smart investments you can make is in real... Read More

    It’s a great time to buy a home, and here’s why

    By The JAG Team | December 5, 2023

    As interest rate hikes have halted and the U.S. economy has cooled, potential home buyers have been slow to buy homes. However, Thomas Eller, vice president and senior mortgage loan officer at Raleigh’s North State Bank, says it’s a great time for buyers to take advantage of the less-frenzied market. A slower market comes with... Read More