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Monthly Archives: June 2024

    The significant role vulnerability plays in leadership

    By Jim Allen | June 5, 2024

    Leaders should always be strong, confident, and decisive. At least that’s the way people used to believe leaders should be. But in today’s business environment, that type of leadership just isn’t effective. In fact, it probably never was. Back when leaders led using autocratic tactics that made their teams afraid of them, it led to... Read More

    Demystifying real estate: What is amortization?

    By The JAG Team | June 3, 2024

    Anyone who has a mortgage has likely seen the term “amortization.” The term, commonly used in accounting, refers to the practice of spreading an asset’s costs out over its life. While this is still true in the sense of a mortgage, amortization has a specific, straightforward explanation from lenders. Kelly Donahue, a mortgage loan officer... Read More