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Here is what our clients are saying about us…


Thanks to you and your team for the help provided in the sale of our home. We never imagined it would happen in 4 days. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.


John & Beth Carley

John & Beth Carley

When we first met Tim McBrayer (part of Jim Allen Group), we were only contemplating moving to Raleigh.  He was gracious enough to meet with us on a Sunday morning even though we had not yet decided to move to Raleigh (were deciding between Raleigh and Charlotte).  He drove us around to see some houses for us to get a feel for what we could afford within our budget as well as get a better understanding of what we might be looking for.  While we were still deciding whether Raleigh was the place for us, he gave us many resources to get a better understanding of what the area had to offer.

When we finally did move to Raleigh and began house hunting, Tim worked around our schedule (young child to accommodate) and always made time to quickly respond to our many questions.  Once under contract, Tim played a big role in helping reach closing as our inspection / due diligence period was extremely challenging.  Tim’s professionalism, knowledge, and flexibility are unmatched.

During the closing process, we also worked with Amanda Smith who is a Closing Manager with the Jim Allen Group.  Amanda was tremendous throughout the closing process.  She helped get us through numerous difficult situations during the due diligence period and was instrumental in ensuring we closed on time.

We feel extremely fortunate to have found Tim (via a review on Yelp) and highly recommend him and the team of professionals at the Jim Allen Group.

Brian and Lauren Hubert

Hi I’m Vicki Janssen, and i just closed on a condominium today here in the Raleigh area not too far from crabtree shopping center. My daughter and son-in-law moved here almost four years ago and Tim found a really lovely house for them and when I decided to come here Tim. I got together and he has just been really wonderful i’m just a novice at this this I don’t probably look at but you know this is my first time buying something on my own. I haven’t felt alone I’ve really felt like I’ve been supported the whole way. We found a wonderful place that I think will be super place to call home. I just am so thankful and feel so blessed and I would recommend him to anyone. He is just easy to work with he is always available if i have questions he is he’s very service oriented and it’s just been fun.

Vicki Janssen

Jim Allen,

I am writing you to make sure you and your team know how much my wife Barbara and I appreciate the professional and over-the-top assistance Paul Bock provided in the purchase of townhouse and the sale of home.
I have known Paul several years and originally was concerned that choosing a friend to handle the purchase and sale was risky to our future relationship, but I am going to list the areas that were so helpful in a process that we have not gone thru for 32 years in our home on Ridge Road:
1. Search for appropriately priced townhouse with first floor master, no yardwork, and under $500,000. Not a lot of great possibilities in Raleigh for the downsizer. Paul knew the areas to look and after a couple of months directed us to a great townhouse in Traemoor Village.
2. Paul helped us evaluate the condition of the townhouse and the comparables for appropriate price structure.
3. Paul had a lot of input into the costs to make some repair/improvements such as painting, carpet, new plumbing hardware, etc. He brought in an inspector to help determine any home problems.
4. Paul of coarse led the negotiations with the seller and we arrived at a below asking price offer that was accepted.
5. Paul provided a great group of potential contractors to help us with painting, carpet, fixture replacement, garage floor coating, etc. in the townhouse. Paul even met with some of them to help work out pricing for the work.
6. Paul then helped us with the sale of our existing home including determining best timing and approximate asking price.
7. Paul brought in a home appraiser to suggest sensible pre-market repairs and sensible initial asking price.
8. Again Paul helped us figure the repair pricing and find the appropriate contractors.
9. We got an offer on the home within 2-3 weeks after several showings.
10. Again Paul helped us with a strategy of first and second responses to the price negotiations – which led to a written offer we agreed upon.
11. Then the 40 page due diligence Inspection report came in that seemed overwhelming and Paul walked down each item and helped value the repair (or the validity of the repair) and helped us value this list.
12. With the due diligence request and our estimated values, Paul helped determine a response to the due diligence request that we all agreed upon.
13. And all this leading to a successful closing yesterday and a check in our pocket.
I am sure many of your agents help with all these things, but Paul’s knowledge of the real estate market in Raleigh and his home building experience that assisted in pricing and evaluating repairs made this emotional process (32 years in home) go so smoothly.
Paul put in 110% to help us and we are grateful.

John G. Wilson

Ashley Applewhite has great follow-up skills before the sale and I’m sure she will be easy to work with during any transaction. I have a lot of respect for everyone on Jim’s team and miss Dal Barber.

Mike Montpetit Town & Country Realty Inc.

Mr. Allen,

Far too often, customers and clients only want to “see the manager” when they are dissatisfied with a product or service, freely voicing every grievance. I used to wonder why we seldom do the same thing when we experience superior service. I truly believe that is something that should done more often. With that as my premise, I would like to take a few moments to tell you about my experience with one of your associates, Ms. Ashley Applewhite.

New to every step in the process, I found it difficult selecting an agent in whom I could place my trust, feeling confident that they would truly operate in my best interest and could communicate in a way that speaks directly to my experience as a first time homebuyer. I could not have asked for more in an agent than what I found in Ashley. She was knowledgeable, honest, patient, and above all else, incredibly responsive to my every inquiry. If something was lacking, she was on the phone and had results within minutes without fail. Every phone call and question was answered or returned promptly, and she extended the same professionalism to others involved in the process, such as my lender and the selling agent.

I boldly contend that there exist no better agent in the state of North Carolina than Ms. Applewhite, and your agency should be proud to have such an associate as part of its staff, as she has truly represented your firm well, treating me more like a friend than a client.

While I could sing her praises for hours on end, I’ll spare you the verbiage suffice it to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my buying experience with her, and by extension, the Jim Allen Group. May your agency continue to prosper, knowing that you truly are the best at what you do.

Ryan Collins

Dear Mr. Allen,

I am writing on behalf of Joel Reames, my broker for the recent sale of my home. Joel completely went beyond the call of duty in taking care of things as only an owner would, in my absence. Not only did Joel check on the temperature, pipes, repairs needed etc. consistently during the colder-than-usual temperatures the winter of 2014-15, but he gained my confidence and trust to the point that I had no qualms in asking if he would represent me at the closing.

I plan to return to N.C. when I retire and would not think of going to anyone else to help me find a place than Joel Reames.

Dr. J. Massa

Dr. J. Massa

I just had the pleasure of working with Jamie and Amanda on the sale of one of my listings. I want you to know what an excellent experience I had with both of them.
They each were very positive, cooperative, and professional throughout the process. They represented their client well, but worked with me to help us get to the closing

We all get complaints about our service, or the service of others who work for us. I thought you would like to know that Amanda and Jamie are certainly a great asset to
your team.

Gary Y, Broker

I’m not sure if this is the best way to ‘score’ our agent, Jamie Welch…I just wanted to be sure to recognize her. We are first time home buyers. Knowing this, Jamie always made sure we were aware of everything involved at each step- taking most of the stress of buying a home out of the equation! She was prompt with showings, emails, texts…it was wonderful! Jamie really went above and beyond the call of duty for us; which has made this adventure so exciting!! Her confidence, understanding, and compassion for her career is one of the reasons why we decided to go forward with purchasing a home at this point of our lives. Moving forward, we are committed to her as she was to us. Anyone looking to purchase or sell a property, you can bet we will refer them to her (your group) with confidence she will show results!!

Brandi Antes

5 Stars!!! This is the only group I would ever buy or sell through! Best experience in real estate for NC by far!!!

Danielle Fiaschetti