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The Raleigh Home Buying Process

With a group of very qualified and talented Raleigh real estate buyer agents, the purchasing process will be a snap. The Jim Allen Group team of highly qualified agents are specialized in working for no one else but you, the buyer. Keeping your specific needs in mind, your Jim Allen Group buyers agent will find the right Triangle home for you in the shortest amount of time and will negotiate the best price for you. Here’s how their knowledge and skills will work for you.

Asking You All the Right Raleigh Home Buying Questions!

If you do not have a specific Triangle area home in mind you want to see, they will ask you a series of questions. These questions will be to identify what areas in the home are important to you, i.e. 2 car garage, the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, bonus room, screened porch, acreage, square footage. After determining your needs, you may be ask to come into our office, where your Jim Allen Group buyers agent will show you Raleigh area homes that meet your search criteria.

Special Needs for Out of Town Raleigh Real Estate Buyers!

If you are out of town, our team will also email you examples of Triangle area homes for your review. After careful analysis and elimination of homes, you and your Jim Allen Group agent will determine the best time to see the homes you selected. Upon finding the right home, the agent will then draw up an “Offer to Purchase & Contract” and discuss the terms of your offer with you. After an agreed upon purchase price, your agent will then present the offer to the agent listing the home. Counteroffers may be made back and forth verbally and then once both parties have come to a mutual acceptance, the contract along with the earnest money will be given to the listing agent. The home is then considered under contract.

With Your Raleigh Real Estate Contract in Hand – What’s Next?

  1. Your agent will recommend several lenders if you do not have one in mind to execute your loan process.
  2. Your agent will schedule a home inspection. If you do not have an inspector in mind, your agent can recommend one.

Once steps 1 – 3 have occurred, you will then be turned over to our closing agent. She will be responsible for ensuring a smooth closing.

  1. She will then schedule the closing with the attorney (of your choice or if you do not have one, she will recommend several attorneys.)
  2. Once our closing agent has the inspector’s report, she will contact you to discuss the items on the report and suggest to you those items that need to be repaired.
  3. Once you and our closing agent are in agreement, she will then present in writing, those items you are requesting the seller to repair. Repair items can also be negotiable, but again, our closing agent is very experienced and qualified in identifying items needed for repair.
  4. Once repairs have been completed, your closing agent will call to schedule a walkthrough of the property prior to closing. The walkthrough enables you to verify repairs were made and to ensure the property is in basically the same condition as when you made the offer.
  5. Attend the closing along with our closing agent, receive the keys and any other items required and move into your new home.

Making Your Raleigh Real Estate Transaction Less Stressful!

We want your home buying experience with us to be as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Contact The Jim Allen Group today and put our experience to work for your home buying process!