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Water For Life

Helping people develop safe and sustainable water

The Water for Life Institute is a non-profit (501c3) organization incorporated in the state of Hawaii, USA. As an institute of the University of the Nations, Water for Life serves existing U of N projects as well as managing its own projects around the world. Water for Life has an independent trustee board and financial structure and serves communities in need regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.

Water for Life uses a combination of appropriate water technologies, water health education and basic research so that communities can identify and solve their water problems. Our mission is not to simply provide safe water to those in need, but to train individuals and communities to create and maintain their own local water resources. We do so by a highly interactive process combining formal instruction with hands-on training.

Water for Life operates with an all-volunteer staff, many of whom raise their own support as well as the finances needed to complete their projects.



WFL is hands-on— Most of our staff are actively involved in the projects in the field for significant periods of time during the year.
WFL is assistive— We work alongside those responsible for their community’s water needs to find solutions that will work for their unique situation.
WFL is long term — We build relationships, use technology and resources available to the community and train community members to maintain their safe water systems for future generations.
WFL is investment minded — We train the community to care for its own needs and to share what they have learned with neighboring communities.
WFL is local — We specialize in simple techni
ques at the household and small community level rather than large-scale centralized water systems that are difficult for local communities to resource and maintain.
WFL is holistic — We address the related issues of sanitation and hygiene so that the community can use its safe water in a healthy environment.


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