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10 tips for selling your Triangle home, fast

As the Triangle real estate market continues to boom and the need for inventory remains a need, the timing has never been better to think about selling your home. The Raleigh-Durham area continues to be a growing market for new homebuyers, and despite the potential of rising interest rates, there are no signs of the market slowing across the Triangle anytime soon.

In fact, in 2021, the Triangle MLS reported homes only stayed on the market an average of 13 days, which was even faster than in 2020, when homes were on the market for an average of 26 days. While less than two weeks is a short amount of time for a home to sell, sellers in 2022 should be prepped for fast movement once again.

If you’re in the market to sell your home and want it to move fast, the following 10 tips will help you get your home move-in ready.

1. Start by decluttering

One of the easiest ways to help potential buyers see your home’s features is to declutter and getting rid of whatever is taking up unnecessary space. Begin by removing any extra furniture and putting it into storage, packing away extra clothing, and tucking away knickknacks that may be filling up your space. The goal is to make your home look as airy as possible by opening up storage spaces and rooms to help visitors see the possibilities the home offers. Clutter can distract from your home’s best features, so the less that’s within eyesight will help increase its chances of selling fast.

2. Depersonalize your home

To help potential buyers see the house, not somebody else’s home, remove anything that speaks of your family’s personality. That includes family photos, artwork on the refrigerator, and any other personal memorabilia you may have on display throughout your spaces. As you’re decluttering, consider packing away and storing those personal touches so potential buyers can picture what their lives will look like in the home. The easier they can imagine living there, the more compelled they’ll be to make an offer before it’s gone.

3. Bring someone in to stage your home

No matter how impeccable your taste may be, hiring a professional to stage your home may be a worthwhile investment. Staging helps showcase your home’s best assets in a way that is subtle, yet smartly designed to make buyers imagine their lives in the home.

According to a 2019 study from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 83 percent of buyers’ agents said a staged home allowed their clients to visualize that property as a potential future home. The same report said one quarter of those agents reported staging increased the dollar value offered by up to five percent versus non-staged homes.

Check with your Realtor to see if he or she offers staging services. Otherwise, professional staging services are available throughout the Triangle. NAR reported a median cost of $1,500 for professional staging services, which will be a worthwhile investment for a fast sale and higher sales price.

4. Scrub your home

Cleanliness is incredibly important when you’re trying to sell your home. You’ll want to do some deep cleaning or hire a team to take care of it for you. Keep your carpets as fresh as possible by vacuuming and even steam cleaning to remove any spots or stains. Wash interior and exterior windows and tackle wood and tile floors with the best cleaning products to make them shine. Be sure to dust fans, baseboards, and air vents, too, which are often noticeable but sometimes forgotten when doing everyday chores.

Don’t forget to focus on the kitchen and bathrooms, where cleanliness is even more important as potential buyers imagine living in the home. Any dirt or grime may turn them away, even if the rest of the house is perfect for their needs.

5. Brighten the interiors

You may have bold tastes, but potential buyers need a clean slate to make their imaginations come to life. If you have color throughout the home, consider painting a white or neutral color to brighten up the insides. If there are dark corners of your home, add some simple lighting options to brighten those spaces and create visual interest. White, billowy curtains and open windows that let the light in can go a long way toward helping a buyer see what’s possible.

6. Focus on your home’s curb appeal

If it’s been a while since you’ve tended to your outdoors, you may want to give your home a little TLC. The outside of your home is often what makes a buyer decide if they want to even look at a home, so make sure your bushes are trimmed, your sidewalks are clear, and that your porch is inviting. Consider adding fresh flowers to your porch or windows, which can draw in a homebuyer, too. If you have cobwebs or mold on your siding, try power washing the exterior to make it look as good as new.

7. Make updates where necessary

Simple touches such as replacing light switch covers, touching up scuffed paint, or even fixing broken fence boards can help spruce up your interior and make buyers aware of how well you’ve taken care of the home. You may even want to consider updating any appliances that are outdated or adding modern technology to the house to make the purchase seem more compelling.

Smart plugs and thermostats, automatic door locks, and even doorbells and exterior video cameras may be a smart investment as new Triangle homebuyers look for technology that will automate their lives and allow them to live smarter and safer. As younger homebuyers join the market, this type of technology may just make them jump to make an offer.

8. Hire an experienced real estate agent

The great agent will have the experience, insights, and connections to ensure a fast, quality sale. Agents are familiar with locations across the Triangle, which means they know how to price your home to sell quickly. They also know how to ask for a fair price while also ensuring you get the best offer possible. Their connections within the real estate market means your home may sell before it officially hits the market. They’re also experts at marketing homes, negotiating professionally, understanding all the nuances about the buying and selling process, and so much more. With the right Realtor on your side, you can sell your home quickly and easily, making the process less stressful from the start.

9. Ask for professional photos and videos

Professional photography and video walk-throughs can go a long way toward creating interest before a buyer even tours a home in person. Ask your Realtor if they use these types of professional services, and if they do, ask that he or she provide this service for your home.

As Covid-19 continues to be a concern across the Triangle, most potential buyers will continue to use the Internet to do their initial research, which is why these professional services are so important. The better the quality of photos and video, the more interest your home will get. Often, great photos can sell a buyer on a home before they even take an in-person tour. Snagging their interest ahead of time will make the house sell quickly as buyers jump at the chance to make an offer.

10. Add a few finishing touches

Create some warmth and coziness for a potential homebuyer with a few simple touches to the home just before a walkthrough. Fresh flowers in a vase are a great touch. Purchase some plush new towels for the bathrooms to give it an extra touch of comfort. And consider baking fresh cookies or burning a light candle just before people walk through the house to make it feel homey.

While these details may not seem like much, they’ll go a long way in helping you sell your Triangle home with ease.

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  • Yeah! It’s tough to sell a house that’s a triangle in shape. While we are observing properties in the market we choose the best out of the best. Sometimes we are lack at any point and made mistakes that we regret. I appreciate your blog and the elements you have discussed in this blog, they will go a long way toward assisting you in selling your property and the triangle house quickly. Keep posting!

  • The Triangle is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, and people are flocking to our region every day. The demand for housing is high, and as a result, your home may sell quickly – even in a down market.

  • Great tip about making sure your initial photos are amazing. I need to get an agent to help with my listing. I need to sell my house by the end of the month.

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