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3 Ways Covid-19 is Changing the Luxury Home Market

The Triangle’s luxury home market is moving ahead at full steam, but that doesn’t mean Covid-19 hasn’t touched the way buyers are looking for homes. As habits have changed and people are staying home more, they’re also finding ways their homes may need to accommodate their new lifestyles.

If you’re in the market for a new home, or just looking for ways to adapt to your current one, you may want to make some investments toward improving the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to while at home.

Here are three ways Covid-19 has changed the luxury home market and what that means for your home.

1. You’re eating at home more. 

Meals, whether ordered in or made from scratch, are happening right at home these days. Because you’re getting more one-on-one time with your family, you’ll want an open kitchen concept that removes barriers between your kitchen and your home’s social spaces. Today’s modern kitchens remain open with islands that create a distinction between the kitchen and dining areas. These types of kitchens will continue to grow in popularity.

However, you may want to consider a butler’s or scullery pantry if you don’t have that open floor plan concept. These pantries are designed to give you privacy for extra storage and prep and can help tuck away messes or keep your kitchen clean until it’s time for cleanup. Newer homes are frequently planned with these pantries, and remodels can also give you this distinct luxury.

If you’re simply enjoying working in your kitchen more, you may want to consider ways to adapt to your new habits. Do you need more storage or workspace for canning? Do you need more seating for your family? Are you becoming a phenomenal chef who wants a plethora of gadgets? If you’re considering a remodel or new build, make sure you’re considering those realities as you plan your kitchen.

You’re spending more time outside. 

With the sun shining and no place to go, backyards are more of a haven than ever before. Why not continue that trend well into the future with an updated open-air living space that invites the entire family into the outdoors?

Consider creating an outdoor movie venue for your family with an outdoor screen, lanterns, and couches, and pillows to make your yard feel cozy. Or, make a stone patio complete with a fireplace and TV over the mantle so football season and March Madness will be the staple at your home.

If you prefer entertaining, then extend your dining area to the outside. Whether you like intimate dinner parties or large celebrations, you can plan the type of outdoor dining space that will wow any guest. Pavers, retaining walls, and greenery can add visual interest to vintage seating and tables. Consider adding a pergola and outdoor bar for an extra wow factor.

And if you have plenty of space, you might want to consider the addition of a pool or spa for an added level of summertime fun. Builders and contractors will work directly with you on all of the spaces you need to create your personal outdoor oasis.

You need space for your hobbies. 

If you’re like most people, you’ve picked up a new hobby or embraced an old one because you’ve had more time on your hands. Across the country, there’s been growing popularity for hobbies like crafting, gardening, and exercise. This fact doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Think about the hobbies you’d like to continue when Covid-19 days are over. Will you have the space to continue them from home? You might want to ensure you’ve created a dedicated location for the gear you’ve picked up or find a place in your home where you can fully enjoy your hobby.

For example, if you fell in love with gardening, you might want to map out a plan for next summer. You may want to consider adding a greenhouse or even a potting station complete with a sink and storage space. With a little planning, a vegetable and herb garden can become a dedicated part of your landscape.

If activities like biking or kayaking became your passion, make sure you plan for ways to store these items while the weather is cold. You’ll want to be able to pull them out in the warmer months and do minimal tune-ups to get them ready to go. If you got in the habit of working out at home, put more thought into creating a functional at-home gym with weights, machines, and even boxing and yoga equipment.

If crafting became your thing, a craft room may be the way to go. Look for smart storage solutions, comfortable seating, and lots of flat spaces for measuring, cutting, sketching, and planning. Even if it’s an art space, a music room, or a family game room, it just takes some planning to make sure the hobbies don’t go away as normalcy returns.


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3 Responses to “3 Ways Covid-19 is Changing the Luxury Home Market”

  • Mia Evans
    Written on

    I like that you pointed out that luxury homes are not planned with pantries where people can eat together since we stay at home more these days. I would love to have that in the home that I want to buy since my family and I usually eat a lot together. It would be nice to have different options where we can have our dinner and lunch every day.

  • Millie Hue
    Written on

    I like that you pointed out that there are lots of hobbies that people want to do these days, especially during the pandemic. I guess investing in a luxury real estate with the amenities that have the activities you want would be really nice. It would be a good way to spend your time wisely while honing new skills that you might have just learned about now.

  • Millie Hue
    Written on

    Thanks for pointing out that we might want to have a pool or spa for the additional space in the property. That is my dream for myself when I reach the age of 40, so I am saving up to invest in a nice property by then. I hope I can find a good luxury real estate for sale that fits my preferences and my budget to settle down nicely when I retire in the future as well.

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