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4 Hot Construction Trends for 2021

The Triangle is in the midst of a construction boom as the real estate market works to catch up to the demands of buyers. The great news is the new home construction industry has been able to quickly adapt to the modern needs of families and the Raleigh-Durham area is well-positioned to lead the way in new home trends.

The hottest new home trends for 2021 have been a direct result of how homebuyers adapted through Covid-19. If you’re in the market for a new home, the following 4 construction trends should be on your radar as you start your search.

You’ll find there’s room to grow

Homebuyers are looking for more space to spread out, so they’re on the hunt for ways to upgrade from their current homes to something more spacious, both inside and out. New home construction is answering that desire in 2021 by building bigger homes throughout the Triangle’s growing communities.

In fact, builders know the current home market means buyers are uprooting and looking to find the right place to call home. New homes will offer incredible amenities many buyers either couldn’t afford or didn’t have space for in bigger cities.

These larger homes and amenities will continue to be a massive draw from out-of-towners—specifically those from some of the largest cities in the U.S., like New York and San Francisco. Builders are fully aware that North Carolina’s affordability and booming tech market is encouraging a Silicon Valley exodus and are packing new homes with upgrades within a comfortable budget for those transplants. The area’s cost of living is a major draw as buyers look to both save money and find space to grow. Buyers like these will easily be able to get more home for their money when they purchase a home in the Raleigh-Durham area in 2021.

Home offices are a must-have

The pandemic opened up great opportunities for professionals to work from home. And while being able to work from the comfort of your living room may have been a nice transition for 2020, the opportunities to have an actual professional space at home are a demand in 2021.

Dedicated offices will be a must-have in new homes as employees extend their home-based work life into 2021. Today’s offices will be dedicated spaces for stealing away to take phone calls, jump on a Zoom meeting, or just find a quiet place to be productive. Expect these spaces to offer inspiring aesthetics; adequate space for working, storage, or hosting meetings of your own; and to be designed with the latest tech to ensure you’ll stay connected, no matter where you’re located.

Outdoor spaces are made to be lived in

Homeowners have begun spending more time outside while at home, so the construction industry is including more outdoor amenities for the entire family to enjoy. Today’s homes offer outdoor spaces that are packed with amenities for every season.

Today’s builders are adding outdoor kitchens to homes of all sizes. While some builders will create the type of outdoor spaces that rival those found on the inside, you’ll find an array of styles for any budget. Look for shaded cooking and dining areas, screened-in porches or sprawling decks, and even outdoor stovetops and counterspace to make grand appearances in 2021.

You’ll also see swimming pools of all shapes and sizes making it into new homes in 2021. This meets the desires of homeowners who want outdoor activities right in their own backyards. Swimming pools with patios and lounging areas are a great way to create the type of outdoor oasis homebuyers want this year.

Open floor plans have shifted

While open floor plans will continue to be popular in 2021, builders are rethinking how they approach the massive openness that was all the rage in previous years. New homes will now have open plans with dedicated spaces for a family’s needs.

Pantries for kitchen prep space continue to be popular, while islands, sliding doors, and even glass walls begin to create “zones” in an open floor plan that means quiet can be achieved without closing in walls. In other words, privacy is now possible while still achieving a modern floor plan.

Construction trends for 2021 will give buyers the ability to successfully live, work, and play in their homes while getting the space, comfort, and privacy they need. As builders answer these demands, you can expect to find everything you’re looking for under one roof.

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  • Donnie
    Written on

    I agree that the four points listed by you will be present in everyone’s wish list for buying modern homes. I like the glass doors which you have mentioned since it brings in ample amount of sunlight in to the house.

  • Donald Mayers
    Written on

    This designs are very impressive. Thanks for sharing this.

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