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4 last minute tasks to prep for the holidays

Do a quick declutter

With the holidays come new gifts that will enter your home. Do you have space for whatever may be coming? If relatives are sending the kids home with new clothes and toys, you’re finding room for a brand-new bike, or you just aren’t sure where a new kitchen tool might go, a declutter can help you prepare.

Find the zones that are most important for decluttering before the holidays. Whether it’s closets or the entire kitchen, focus on small chunks as a family. Get rid of anything you haven’t been using, clothes that no longer fit, and any items that are broken or damaged. Then, your home will feel free and calm before you invite more in.

Deep clean your home

Colder weather is officially here for the holidays. So, too, are viruses that can make you and your guests feel under the weather. With the cold and flu making its rounds, make sure your home isn’t a breeding ground for illnesses as you invite friends and family into your home.

When guests are over, be sure you have fresh towels and plenty of antibacterial soap so they can wash their hands regularly. You may even want to have some hand sanitizer positioned around your home so it’s readily available as people shake hands or sneeze. Be sure to deep clean all surfaces to ensure germs are gone. Scrub your floors, sinks, and counters in the kitchen and bathrooms before anyone comes over. It will be well worth it.

Clean out the fridge

Make it feel (and smell) like Christmas

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