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5 design trends for a modern home in 2022

As we keep moving into 2022 and companies continue to give employees the opportunity to work from home, you may be one of many people across the Triangle who is hungry for a change. It may be time to give your space a fresh update with an investment into interior design. This year’s big design trends will give you a place to start thinking about how to refresh your living space and liven it up for your current needs.

While some of these trends may require a bit of savings to make your home more functional for your current situation, some will offer simple inspiration for creating a more modern, personal touch to your home. The following five design trends are the top ones to consider as you look to liven up your living space.

1. Add your personality

Homes in recent years have trended toward subdued colors to treat the house more like a gallery than a home. But as people continue to spend more time at home through the pandemic, there’s a growing need for personal touches to be added to the home.

In 2022, there’s a new trend toward bringing your passions to the surface, making them front and center within the home. For example, don’t be afraid to bring your favorite art style to your walls. If you have nostalgic memorabilia from your hobbies, put them on display on a bookshelf or on the wall. You could even mix in memories from your travels to create more of a bohemian look. Layer in antiques or family heirlooms to add that distinct personal touch that truly make your interior design feel like it it’s yours.

2. Create depth with color, textures, and patterns

In 2022, a hot trend is to really make your spaces pop. High-end wallpapers are helping homeowners achieve this trend successfully. Unlike more traditional wallpapers, contemporary wallpapers are visually interesting and can add class and intrigue to an accent wall or bathroom for an instant upgrade. If you’re uncertain about wallpapers, you can still achieve an outstanding accent wall with bold paint, textures, or even wall hangings and décor that will create intrigue in your home.

3. Bring the outdoors in

One of the big trends that will be hot across the Triangle in 2022 is the use of recycled and natural materials like wood, quartz, brick, ceramic, and stone, found in places like bathrooms and kitchens. To expand this look into the rest of the home, natural furniture is a burgeoning trend for the home, too. You’ll spot cane, raffia, and rattan furniture across Raleigh-Durham this year, which create a homey feel inside of the home.

Raw woods and cottons can also be used throughout the home as the desire for comfort and beauty continue to be a priority. Greenery will also continue to be a popular addition to homes as hobbyists who nursed plants through the pandemic continue to find a need for them to be permanent additions to their home.

4. Invest in the outdoors

If you’re like many others across the Triangle who found themselves staying at home through the pandemic, you’re invested in creating a home that’s a true sanctuary. However, it may be time to upgrade your outdoors to create a space you’ll want to enjoy throughout the year. If you haven’t already upgraded your exterior to incorporate a full outdoor dining space, 2022 will be the year.

Consider extending your kitchen into the outdoors with an upgraded outdoor kitchen, including a pizza oven, and create a dining area your family and friends will love. Add natural outdoor furniture with bright pillows for a distinct coziness. The addition of a fire pit will invite people to the outdoors throughout the year, making your back yard the place to be in the Raleigh-Durham area.

5. Pick smart colors

Reimagined colors are going to be popular across the Triangle in 2022. This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is Very Peri, a bold and blueish hue that complements the natural colors that are popular this year. Consider playing up this fun 2022 color in the home using accessories, then use Very Peri’s complementary colors to create an elegant color palette in your home that feels new, sophisticated, and wholly on-trend. Or, you may also want to use one of its more playful and whimsical palettes to display your creativity.

Shades of soft, muted greens are also hot for 2022, and it’s showing up on walls as well as on kitchen cabinets. Popular, too, will be rich jewel tones and dark earth tones that bring drama and comfort to any home. These colors will liven up the home if you’ve been living with muted shades during the rest of the pandemic.

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