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7 ways to spring clean your outdoor spaces

A man and woman laugh while enjoying time with friends in an outdoor entertainment space

Spring is just around the corner, and with warmer weather and new signs of life springing up around the Triangle, you’re likely already thinking about spending more time outdoors. The perfect time to start prepping for warmer weather is now: when the promise of outdoor enjoyment motivates you to do the work.

From cleaning the exterior of your home to prepping your garden or outdoor kitchen, these 7 tips will remind you of what you need to do to get ready for the warmer months.

Give your home a scrub

In the winter, a home’s exterior gets hit with snow, salt, and dirt, which builds up in spots like the garage door and near doors. You can brighten up the outside of your home and remove harsh elements with a power washer. You could even try tackling some spots with extra soap or detergent. You’ll want to focus on areas where birds or insects like to nest and any walls close to the lawn or greenery to remove any grime or mud build-up that occurred over the winter. A fresh exterior improves the curb appeal and will create an inviting environment for your guests.

Clear the gutters

Gutters tend to fill with leaves and branches over the stormy months, which causes clogs that could damage your roof or foundation with water overflow. Get ready for spring showers by cleaning the gutters and hosing them down to remove extra debris. When gutters and downspouts are clear, it helps drive water away from your home’s foundation and into areas where water can easily wash away.

Spruce up your fence

Winter can be hard on your fence. Debris left from the summer months can make a fence look dirty or cause it to rot if not appropriately maintained. Take the time to clean up debris to prep for incoming growth and clear the fence. Rake away fallen leaves and dead greenery, then take the hose to any areas that need cleaning. If your fence needs any repairs or touchups to paint or sealant, take the time to get those issues fixed in time to enjoy the view when the days turn warm.

Clean up the garden

During the winter months, when the garden isn’t being tended, garden spaces become overrun with fallen leaves, and dead plants and weeds grow fast. Start by raking out dead leaves, pulling out dead annuals, and trimming your perennials to prepare for springtime. If you have evergreens or summer flowering bushes, trim them early in the spring to make sure they’re healthy for the warmer months. Don’t forget to freshen up any mulched areas to keep weeds at bay.

Deep clean your furniture

Your patio furniture tends to hold grime and dirt from the winter and will need a good cleaning to get it ready for spring. Use soap and take your hose to your furniture to remove dirt. If you can remove any fabrics like seat cushions, put them in the wash to clean them without the work. Make sure to clean any cobwebs from the furniture and sweep and clear out any debris that may have collected on the deck or patio.

Prep your outdoor kitchen and patio area

When outdoor entertainment pauses for the winter, dirt can move in. Prepping your outdoor kitchen for entertainment will help you jump into springtime get-togethers. Clean up your grill and outdoor prep areas so they’re ready for mealtimes. Fill up propane tanks, check knobs and counters for wear and tear, and make any repairs or take care of replacement pieces so faulty parts don’t dampen the excitement of that first day of outdoor cooking.

Freshen up your space

If you’re looking for a little more life for your outdoor spaces, it may be time to freshen up your exterior designs. New pillows, throw rugs, and potted plants can go a long way toward livening up your outdoor spaces and inviting friends and family in for an unforgettable summer.

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