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8 Things Summer Lovers Should Consider When Choosing a Community to Call Home

As the humid summer days draw near, many Triangle residents turn their attention to the warm weather benefits of their communities. This is especially true for homebuyers, either local or relocating from elsewhere, that love the heat of southern summers or even enjoy some relief from the high temperatures. To make the most of your summer living, here are some things to look for in a potential new community. 

Can the homesites accommodate a pool? 

The most convenient way to beat the heat is to have a pool located in your own backyard. If you wish to install a pool in the Triangle, you must have a homesite zoned to accommodate a pool. Ask your agent to identify if this is a possibility. 

Community pool access

Shade in the community

Trees can offer an unexpected amount of relief from the sun’s rays when planted strategically throughout the front and back of the home. Ideally, you want proper shade while also avoiding as much potential home damage from storms as possible. When scouting potential communities, survey how shaded the homesites are and take stock of the foliage coverage throughout. If it is a new construction community, look at homesites that are in progress and/or finished to get an idea of what to expect on a potential homesite that you choose. 

Greenways and walking path accessibility

Early morning runs and sunset bike rides are great ways to get active and outdoors during the steamy summer months. Many neighborhoods in the Triangle either have a Greenway that runs through the neighborhood or has effortless access to one. Some neighborhoods have created their own paths to create a space for walkers, runners, bikers, dog walkers, and various exercisers alike. Scope out your potential community for both greenways and walking trails while also paying attention to the overall walkability and traffic volume. 

Proximity to parks and outdoor recreation areas

Love spending the day hiking? Do you enjoy picnicking? Have kids that need to blow off some steam on a playground? Get a sense of what parks and outdoor amenities are close to the community that you are considering and choose which may be important to have nearby. For example, suppose you love boating on Falls Lake. In that case, you may want to consider a community like Falls Reserve or Waterstone Manors, which is in very close proximity to Falls Lake Recreational Area. 

The insect situation

One important factor that can significantly impact your ability to enjoy evenings on your patio is the number of insects you will be sharing your outdoor space. Many times communities near water may notice more mosquitoes or palmetto bugs in their surroundings. Other communities may spray various types of insecticide to control the bug population. It may be helpful to stroll through the neighborhood at night to get a feel for the nocturnal creatures, insects or otherwise, that call the landscape home. 

Proximity to outdoor sporting activities 

Do you have children that are very active in sports? Do you enjoy spending the morning on the golf course? Living close to the activity you frequent can reduce drive times and stress. Take a look at what types of facilities and courses are nearby and what they offer that meets your family’s needs to see if the location meets your current lifestyle. 

The overall ambiance 

Each family has different preferences in what they appreciate in a community that they call home. Consider yours when choosing a neighborhood. Do you prefer a quiet, peaceful neighborhood where you can relax to the sounds of birds? Or do you appreciate having a space where your children can gather and play safely? Are neighborhood gatherings and camaraderie with your neighbors important to you, or do you prefer a more private community? Summer is often a time when the community’s noise and ambiance are amplified, so you will want to make sure that you select a community with an overall vibe that matches your own.

Even without a planned vacation, summer is when people enjoy a different pace of life. Many communities offer amenities and ambiance that can match your idea of the perfect summer vibe. The above factors can help steer you in the right direction of choosing the right community for your family. 

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