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Spring is Here, Time to Bring Entertainment Outdoors

Time spent with family and friends plays a large part in making a house feel like home. It makes sense that our homes would reflect this in the ways they are designed. Homes should have the space to entertain while maintaining their beauty, comfort and inviting quality. One way to create this type of space, currently trending in the Triangle, is the utility of outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens and extended living spaces from kitchens and family rooms.


Explore Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are becoming part of the package in the purchase of a new home. They create more room for entertainment through popular features like outdoor fireplaces and firepits to gather around, outdoor kitchens and dining spaces to bring the festivities outside, charming spaces for grilling and cookouts and seating areas or lounges with open spaces to relax. Details in the design of these family havens like color, furnishing, greenery and masonry also help allow for the expression of the homeowner’s taste. Some homeowners, however, may have missed out on these new and desirable features. And for those who have, local contractors are available to build these spaces on or reorganize and rearrange preexisting space to make room.

The new home building trend toward outdoor living spaces helps maximize your capacity to entertain, provides a pleasant yet functional avenue between the indoors and outdoors and improves the value of the home for resale down the road.


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