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Exterior Design Trends for 2021

Many homeowners take time during the summer to freshen up the exterior of their homes to both enhance the curb appeal and create an attractive outdoor space for entertaining. With updating an exterior, the challenge is finding a contemporary look that will also be sustainable for several years to come without looking dated. Maintaining a modern look helps add value to a home, which helps the home list and sell at a higher price than a dated home. Here are some of the top trends that we are seeing this year with exterior design. 

Lots of Window Space

A big trend is naturally lit, open areas, and windows are the best way to achieve that atmosphere. Choose windows that match the home’s original architecture, with the intent of making it look like the home was built with the new windows. This will give it a trendy feel, while also looking classic. Swapping curved windows for straight line windows will instantly update the look of a home’s exterior. While curved lines may still look great on certain homes, straight lines give the home a sleeker, more modern appearance. 

The Right Shade of White Paint 

Warmer white paint and wood finishes create a stunning look that is both modern and timeless on any home if you pick the right shade. Choosing a shade of white can be tricky, but take your fixed elements (sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, neighbors’ homes, etc)  into consideration and choose a shade with undertones that mesh well with the surroundings. 

Install A Pergola

Pergolas are great for two reasons, they give additional shade and improve your curb appeal. There is also the added benefit of extended living space and added warmth to the exterior of the home, while protecting from harsh weather, like intense sunlight and rain. There are a lot of design possibilities with a pergola, but the overall goal would be to create a stunning focal point that pulls the entire backyard together. 

Interesting Doors

The front door acts as the focal point for any home. While brightly colored doors have been extremely popular for the past several years, the trend is shifting towards neutral, wood-tone doors or iron with intricate architectural designs. We will continue to see homeowners choosing wider doors with large sidelights.

Front Porches 

Homeowners are increasingly bringing attention to the front porch and expanding its size while creating a relaxing space for lounging and meeting new neighbors. Seating for this space is receiving more attention than in previous years. 

Wood Accents

Natural or composite wood is making its way more frequently into the exterior of homes in 2021, and increasingly becoming a big part of the design. Wood accents compliment many styles of architecture very well and is likely a trend that will stay for awhile. You can embrace this trend with less maintenance by choosing an area on the outside of your home, such as the front door, siding, or columns, to add some wood accents that coordinate well with the entire exterior. 

High Contrast Exteriors

There is a shift away from one solid color on the exterior of a home. Homeowners instead are opting for two highly contrasting colors, and even contrasting building materials to create a modern look with interesting curb appeal. People are aiming to create dimension and boldness with high contrast design.  For example, a home that is dark navy with white trim can create some striking contrast, or another home with neutral paint with a dark roof and trim. With materials, mixing wood accent and brick on the exterior can create a very interesting look. 

Overall, the trends for exterior design in 2021 aim to make each home unique and interesting by taking some risks with the colors and materials used. Updating your exterior not only refreshes the home, it also creates amazing curb appeal, which ultimately adds value to your home, especially when you plan to sell.  

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