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Gas-saving entertainment in the Triangle

With gas prices on the rise, families and loved ones are seeking creative ways to stay entertained without breaking the bank! Although Raleigh is said to be a car-dependent city, there are still ways you can save gas (and money) if you’re willing to get a little creative! 

We compiled a list of affordable and creative options if you are interested in saving money during your daily commute or finding free entertainment for your friends and family!

Cutting the Cost of Transportation 

Public transportation is not a thing of the past! It is extremely cost-effective and available seven days a week throughout the Raleigh area! From buses to scooters, and bikes, Raleigh offers a wide array of gas-friendly options. 

Cardinal Bike Share is Raleigh’s bike-share program and is known to be one of the best bike rental companies in the area. It’s part of the City’s effort to provide more ways to get around our rapidly growing downtown. Cardinal Bikeshare is a public, self-serve bicycle rental system with hundreds of bikes across dozens of stations. Bike Raleigh provides an interactive map for users to learn more about bike lanes, preferred routes, and street conditions! Check out the Capital Area Greenway system map that lists our expansive greenway system, and shows planned trails and parking areas! Bikes are a great alternative for all to enjoy a nice ride downtown or an early morning hike around the Neuse River Trail

Dockless Electric Scooters are a low-carbon emission way of getting around downtown! Take a ride to run errands, grab something to eat, or explore with friends all while contributing to a healthier environment. Services like Lime Scooters and Gotcha Scooters are easily accessible by downloading a free app and locating a nearby scooter rental. Prices vary but are usually around $1.15 to rent and $0.37 a minute. There are even options for subscriptions to help save you money if you plan on using scooters for an extended period of time. Keep in mind, that you are responsible for adhering to all traffic and safety laws. 

GoRaleigh is the public bus transportation service that many commuters use to travel to throughout the city and surrounding areas. Public transportation like GoRaleigh is a great option and they even allow you to plan a trip in advance through their website and track your bus en route. Bus fare can be paid for each ride at $1.25 and children and senior citizens can ride for free! Day passes can also be purchased for $2.50. There is also an option to purchase a monthly pass for $20.00.

Still want to drive to your destination? You can save money using your own four wheels by downloading gas-saving apps like Gas Buddy. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users! Gas buddy offers a free card membership which helps you save up to 25 cents a gallon, forever! You can also receive cash back from everyday purchases through the Gasback program using your Gas Buddy account.

Finding Free Entertainment in Raleigh

If you’re looking for some free or cheap entertainment to go along with saving money on fuel, our city and surrounding areas offer many options. Check out the below list of ideas that will help you explore the Triangle on a budget!

North Carolina Museum of Art – This interactive museum is 164 acres of historic and modern art available for the public to visit and tour seven days a week. Plan your trip with family and friends through their website. Check out their weekly events, like live music, art classes, and more. Admission is free and the museum is conveniently located in the heart of Raleigh near NC State making it easy to find affordable transportation like the options mentioned above! 

NC Museum of Natural Sciences – This three-story museum is filled with illumination and inspiring art pieces deriving from science and nature. Millions of visitors stop by yearly to explore the exhibits and laboratories they have to offer. General admissions are free and the museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm EST. Public transportation is also available to this location. They also offer bike and scooter stations if you need to park during your visit. 

Yates Mill County Park – Located in the southeastern part of Wake County, Yates Mill is filled with gardens, fishing, hiking trails, and picnic areas. Enjoy a beautiful visit to this county park seven days a week at no charge. Yates Mill County Park also has event spaces available and tours for those interested.

Pullen Park, – Nestled in an extremely convenient location in Downtown Raleigh, Pullen Park is a historic attraction ranking the fifth oldest park in the United States and the 16th oldest in the world! Be sure to catch the bird-watching event on scheduled days or check out the playground with your little ones. This park is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 am – 6:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 are – 8 pm. 

William B Umstead State Park – Discover 22 miles of nature in William B Umstead Park on wheels or on foot and explore the nature scene. This park is the perfect place to bring your bike or scooter if you enjoy riding on trails and taking a break from the busy streets. Umstead State Park also offers canoe rentals, boat rentals, camping, and picnicking areas 

JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University – If you are a plant lover, this Arboretum is for you! The JC Raulston Arboretum is filled with beautiful fresh plants and events for guests to learn more about gardening and different plant options. This arboretum is also in a great location that allows you to park your bike or scooter before entering. Admission is free however donations are encouraged. Tours are offered to guests and groups for $5.00. 

Triangle on the Cheap is also a great resource that updates daily with fun things to do in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill! They already have a calendar in place for July! 

Resources To Help You Save Money

Saving money may require using resources online or through your bank to help you reach your financial goals. Mint is a great app that tracks your finances and will automatically generate a budget based on your income and spending habits. Steady is also a great platform for setting your financial goals and tracking what is coming in and out of your bank account. Steady has options to earn money directly through their app as well! Grocery shopping with weekly coupons is a great option if you want to avoid spending unnecessarily on eating out. Sign up for newsletters and exclusive deals through your local grocery store to receive notifications about what’s to come. 

Making memories that last with the ones you love should be priceless! There’s no need to stop having fun just because gas prices are climbing! Leave your car keys at home and plan an affordable day away. 

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