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How to downsize and simplify your life

Determine your priorities

Make a goal and plan for decluttering

  • A keep pile, which should include the important pieces you want to hang on to or things you use in your daily life. Just make sure you have a plan for the things you’re holding on to.
  • A donate pile, which typically includes items that may have more life ahead of them but may not be worth trying to sell. Get creative with some of your donation locations, too. Nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, which can sell gently used goods to help build homes, and the Humane Society, which frequently needs blankets and towels, may be good places to consider, as well as Goodwill and other donation centers.
  • A sell pile, which can help you pad your wallet as you downsize. Online marketplaces or good old-fashioned garage sales can help you quickly find new homes for your things while giving yourself extra cash.
  • A trash or recycle pile, which consists of things that just can’t be salvaged.

Look for low maintenance housing options

One of the best ways to downsize and simplify your life is to downsize your home and choose low-maintenance living. Multi-family homes like condominiums and townhomes are great options that offer numerous benefits like amenities, shared maintenance costs, and outstanding locations.

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