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How to Survive Spring in the Triangle

We know that one of the top reasons that people move to the Raleigh-Durham metro area is the mild weather. However, there are many interesting challenges that people new to the area discover once they move to the Triangle. Here are some of the spring things unique to our area that others may find scary or unbearable and how you can survive the season that at some point is known as “The Pollening”.

Challenge 1: Pollen

Every spring, the entire state of North Carolina is under attack. The enemy is that yellow powder known as pollen. Many people who are from other parts of the country only discover that they have allergies once they endure their first spring in North Carolina. Pollen coats cars, patios, furniture and pretty much anything else in its path. How can we make tolerating this yellow snow a little bit more bearable? Limit outdoor activities on high pollen count days, use HEPA air filtration with your central air conditioning, keep your windows closed, wear sunglasses when you are outdoors, shower and shampoo your hair before bed, avoid line drying clothes outside, wipe pets out with a towel before coming inside, and use a nasal rinse to flush out inhaled pollen.

Challenge 2: Palmetto Bugs

While many locals will use the term Palmetto Bug, make no mistake that the large brown bugs that make their gallant return in the spring are American Cockroaches. These particular types of roaches are attracted to water, so you will often find them in kitchens and bathrooms. They are quite disturbing to look at and especially alarming when you find one late at night. What’s your best defense? Seal any cracks in your windows or doorway and find a great pest control company to do at least a quarterly spray of your home.

Challenge 3: Wild Temperature Swings in the Same Day

While the 75-degree days during the beginning of March give transplants some bragging rights to family back home, they often start as a 40-degree morning, followed by a 35-degree evening. One day it may be 80 and sunny, the next 50 and raining. The best way to deal with the temperature swings throughout the day? Dressing in layers of course and always having an umbrella on standby.

Challenge 4: Mosquitoes

As the weather heats up, the mosquitoes come out to play. They hatch in April and are attracted to humidity and standing water. They can be brutal as the days get warmer and they carry many diseases. How can you ward them off? Get rid of any standing water around your house, use mosquito repellant and wear light-colored clothing outside.

Challenge 5: Snakes

Snakes live their best life at about 80-90 degrees. Since the weather in North Carolina inches into that territory fairly early in the spring, the snakes start to slither their way back into the scenery. If you do not want these serpents visiting you, there are some things you can do to protect yourself from them. Make sure that you remove any rodents nearby, eliminate any potential places for them to hide, do not put your hands and feet into outdoor spaces where you cannot see, and keep your landscaping well maintained.

While spring in the Triangle can be filled with unexpected challenges for anyone new to the area, it is still a great place to call home and the mild weather and high quality of life outweigh the occasional scary bug or wild weather event.

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