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Kitchen Makeovers: How to get the most bang for your buck.

Kitchen renovations can be very costly, but are a necessary evil of any homeowner who stays in their home for any substantial duration of time. While it can be an all-consuming project, here are some tips for making updates without breaking the bank. 

Swap Out Your Fixtures 

Switching out fixtures like cabinet pulls, light fixtures, faucets, and light switches can quickly elevate the appearance of any kitchen. Matte black and gold fixtures are currently trending, along with slick lighting fixtures above the cabinetry. Shop around, as home improvement stores, thrift stores, and even online retailers have a varied selection for reasonable prices. 

Add a New Backsplash

Your backsplash has the power to tie the entire room together, with minimal effort and cost. Marble large format tiles and smaller, uniquely shaped tiles are on trend this year. Installing a new backsplash can cost as little as $1,000 and pulls together any gaps between countertops  and cabinetry. 

Refinish Your Cabinets 

Over time, the finish on cabinetry starts to look tired and drab, so refinishing can bring new life to the entire room. This is a great way to truly transform your kitchen without having to tear out or completely replace your existing cabinetry. Refresh your current color for a subtle boost or try something new for a more dramatic look. 

Add Color to a Focal Point

The simplest way to update a kitchen is to add color to the room. One way to make the most impact is adding a bold color to the center island. Colors that starkly contrast with the rest of the room are the best choice for creating a colorful focal point. For example, make the island pop in a white kitchen with a jewel tone, like emerald green. 

Stencil Outdated Tile

Instead of removing tile that is dated, try using a stencil to paint over it to save some cash and time. Stencils are readily available online and prepping your tiles for this process is super easy. 

Kitchen renovations can be very time consuming and costly, however there are ways to tackle a refresh without spending a small fortune or laboring over the project for months. Try some of the tips mentioned above to give your kitchen a fresh look and feel without spending your life savings. 

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