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Staging Your Home to Sell in the Triangle

Interior shot of a living room staged with a set of furniture and decor

Considering selling your home? Then you are also concerned about getting the most out of your investment. The Triangle market is booming, which means your house will likely sell fast. But by implementing just a few simple staging techniques, you can get more value and demand out of your home. Some reports say homes that have been staged can sell more than 85 percent faster than a non-staged home (Forbes, 2015). With a little effort, staging can give you a sizeable return on your investment. So where should you begin?

Start by decluttering
Store away any of the excess belongings that can make your home look cramped. You’ll want your home to look airy and spacious, so that means packing up anything that creates clutter. That may be toys, books, papers, and maybe even clothing in your closets. In the kitchen, pack up any extra mugs, plates, cooking utensils, and any superfluous tools that can take up counter space. The less clutter that potential buyers see taking up counter and cabinet space, the more of an impact it will make as they envision their own things in the home.

Consider removing bulky furniture and replacing it with something more modern or timeless, as well as arranging it in a way that creates a sense of togetherness for families. You’ll also want to remove highly personal pieces, including family photos. All of these efforts will just lead to showing a home that feels welcoming, yet sparse enough for buyers to imagine themselves living there.

Don’t be afraid to rent a small storage space to house your things. If your house sells quickly, the investment will pay off quickly.

Make small repairs
The small details can make a big difference for your home. For example, replacing the covers of outlets and light switches is a subtle and inexpensive way to help clean up your home. Tighten knobs around the house or completely switch out any that might look dated.

Paint any walls that may have marks or that might need a neutral look. Giving the walls a clean coat of paint helps them feel fresh and more modern. Replace burned-out lights and touch up caulking in the bathrooms and kitchen to help rooms feel clean and bright. If you take a tour of your home from the viewpoint of a potential buyer, it may help you think about the repairs that need to be made in order to make the best impression.

Focus on curb appeal
Spending some time prepping the outside of your house may have the biggest impact on potential buyers. Look at quick fixes like power washing windows and the outside of your home, trimming bushes and hedges, and cleaning gutters. Find a new doormat to set out that creates a welcoming invitation, and fill pots with flowers and plants, which is a great way to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Add the finishing touches
Even the smallest touches, like folded and matching towels in the bathrooms can give the appearance of a welcoming home. During open houses, set out fresh flowers, fresh baked cookies, and candles to make your house feel cozy and comfortable. These small details can make a great impression.

Work with a professional
Not sure you can do it all on your own? Keep in mind that you have resources for your home selling journey. Start with your Realtor, who may have experience staging a home to sell. Or, ask your Realtor who to talk to. Home staging professionals may seem like a costly investment. But in the end, it may be a choice that leads to a home selling fast and for more than your asking price.

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