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Tips for Moving with Less Stress

Moving can be a stressful time, especially after the excitement of picking your new home starts to wane as you begin to plan the logistics. Whether you are moving across the country or down the street, here are some tips to make your next move the smoothest yet. 

Get rid of things that you no longer need or use before you do anything else.  

Start the move process by donating or selling items in your home that you no longer use or that may not fit the aesthetic of your new place. Having less things to pack makes the load lighter while saving time. 

Start packing as soon as possible.  

In most cases, you will know about a move weeks or months in advance. Start by packing off-season items or things that you know will not be used in the next few weeks prior to the move. The more that you are able to pack sooner, the less likely you will be stressed about trying to pack everything at the last minute. 

Book any move-related services as early as possible. 

If you plan on using movers, painters, house cleaners, carpet cleaners, or any other moving-related service, booking early avoids higher prices and any scheduling issues. The summer months are extremely busy for movers and related vendors, so be aware that their schedules will fill quickly. 

Have an essentials suitcase that stays with you on the day of the move. 

The last thing that you will want to do on move day is search for your toothbrush and pajamas, especially if the moving truck is late or catastrophe strikes. Pack a spare set of clothes, toiletries, important documents, pajamas, your children’s favorite stuffed animal, and anything else that would be an immediate need so that you are not scrambling for replacements. 

Make sure that you are stocked up on moving supplies a few days prior to the move date. 

Running to the store for more paper towels or packing tape can take up a lot of valuable time on move day, so stocking up a few days beforehand reduces the chance of having to make those trips. Make sure that you have enough boxes, box cutters, moving tape, paper towels, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, nails, bandages, and other miscellaneous items that you find useful during a move a few days before. 

Rent a Truck with a Loading Ramp

If you are a DIY mover, a loading ramp is a must. While there is an additional cost to picking a truck with a ramp, it saves a tremendous amount of time and prevents injuries during the move. 

Start Your Utilities at Your New Place In Advance

Schedule your services to be turned on as soon as you have finalized moving dates. The last thing that you will want to deal with on move day is the lights not turning on or the water not running. Many utility companies allow you to schedule service online, so keep the emails in an easy-to-find spot in your mailbox in the event something goes wrong. Also, do not forget to disconnect your service at your old place. 

Moving can be an extremely stressful event, but with some planning and organization ahead of time, it is possible to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. A little bit of preparation will go a long way to alleviate any potential problems during the move.

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