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Town Highlight: Youngsville

Looking for affordable housing with a dense suburban feel? Consider Youngsville, located in Franklin County, about 25 miles northeast of Raleigh. The community is extremely close-knit with a population of just over 2,000 people, but also welcoming to people moving from elsewhere. Youngsville is a quaint town in the country that has a homey feel while growing rapidly with the greater Raleigh-Durham Metro area, which means home values are expected to increase rapidly in the next few years.

Established and named Pacific in 1839 around land owned by John “Jack” Young, the town was incorporated and renamed in 1875 to honor him after his land donation for a railroad station. The town quickly grew by 1900 due to a number of cotton gins, warehouses and tobacco crops. It has since been the epitome of an American small town with a strong farming community, and the historic buildings along Main Street are evidence of that.

Currently, Youngsville has been able to maintain the small-town welcoming feel while starting to grow with the rest of the Triangle, as more people are choosing to live there. The local businesses on Main Street maintain the beauty of the historic buildings in the middle of town, while also offering residents restaurants and shops that support their neighbors.

While Youngsville feels rural and remote, it is a short 10-minute drive to Wake Forest, a 30-minute drive to downtown Raleigh and a 40-minute drive to the Research Triangle Park Campus. Major retailers, like Harris Teeter,  are only a few minutes from most areas of Youngsville. Home prices are more affordable than towns and areas closer to downtown Raleigh, so Youngsville is a great area for young buyers or anyone who is looking for a home that offers more value per square foot than the nearby first-ring suburbs.

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