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5 Tips For A Successful Relocation

Are you considering relocating to a new town or state? Perhaps your career leads you to a new location, or you’re just ready for something new. Whatever your reason for relocation, it takes time and energy to prepare for this life-changing decision. Although there are some pitfalls that you want to avoid during the relocation process, the fear of the unknown might be unavoidable. However, this article may help simplify the relocation process and help you begin the relocation journey more prepared. 

Relocation expenses

Moving your belongings may be one of the most costly expenses during the relocating process. Establish what’s essential for you to take and what can be purchased new. If you are relocating to a new state, simplifying your belongings and reducing weight may ease the burden of the move. Hiring professional movers to assist with packing, loading, and moving your belongings can be a great option whether you are moving cross-country or relocating to a new city in the Triangle area. The following companies can make sure your belongings arrive safe and sound.

Many people who relocate find a storage pod a great option, which is an excellent solution if you are still figuring out your living situation or need to move your belongings to multiple places before settling. These companies often come with movers and storage space for your pod. Here are a few other storage options that may help you prepare for your move

U-Pack – This budget-friendly service offers storage pods to help with your move. They also provide exceptional support when it comes to packing essential belongings. Look for their helpful checklists to help you through every step of your move. U-Pack is located in every state in the US, and rates are based on your location and where you’re moving. 

1-800 Pack Rat –  This reliable and trustworthy long-distance moving company offers trucks and containers for various moving needs. Every long-distance customer receives a complimentary no-cut lock and $10,000.00 in contents protection.

Visiting your new location beforehand. 

Using the internet to research your new location is an important step in the relocation journey. Try to find resources that provide a broad education on the city or town, this can help you determine where you might want to land when you arrive. If you’re moving to the Triangle, we recently published a blog that outlines some of the towns and what you may find when exploring. Research can be valuable, but you may find it even more beneficial to visit the city or state in person and get a feel for how it matches your lifestyle. Consider packing your bags for a long weekend and soak in your new location – like a local! It gives you a sense of the local midday traffic, your commute, the best restaurants, and even the local neighborhoods and residents. 

If you are planning a weekend getaway to your new location but need a little help navigating or have questions that haven’t been answered, Consider hiring a Realtor or relocation specialist. Real Estate agents can help you navigate your new town or answer questions about your new location. Realtors have access to all the buying and renting options available in the area. They are also pretty savvy regarding getting around town or offering recommendations on things to do for leisure. Relocation specialists can also be licensed Realtors or work within a moving company. These specialists mainly focus on assisting people who relocate from out of town and need someone to help iron out the details of moving, which can make the transition go smoothly. 

Differences In The Cost of Living 

Another vital factor to consider when relocating is the cost of living. You can use a cost of living calculator to determine the difference between gas, housing, electricity, food, and other living expenses compared to your original location. Additional fees may change during your moves, like state taxes and licensures. Using a cost of living calculator can help you create a budget and jump-start your job search if you are not transferring due to your current employer.

Health care and vehicle registration are also other expenses you may want to consider. Take the time to research primary care providers and insurance companies that cover what you need before moving. It even helps to locate a facility close to where your new home will be in case of an emergency. If you are relocating due to your current job, contact your human resources department for medical coverage assistance and locating the healthcare providers needed.

Support System After Your Move

If you are moving to a location where you don’t know anyone, having a solid support system in place can help you transition with less stress. Adjusting to your new town by doing things alone may seem ordinary at first, but the longer you are isolated, the more you may be inclined to feel homesick or regret your decision. 

If you are moving alone, join a social club, church, or gym to become familiar with your new neighbors. It may take some time for your new surroundings to feel like home, but you can continue to foster your previous relationships from your hometown through Facetime, Zoom calls, or holiday visits. 

If you are moving with someone you know or somewhere there is a familiar face, consider utilizing this resource for recommendations and try new things together! 

Social media can also be a powerful tool for people new to the area. Facebook is an excellent source for local groups, specifically for people new to town that are trying to learn about the city or make new friends. 

Adjusting to your new work and social culture

We can’t stress enough how important research is before deciding on relocating. While you may be able to quickly embrace a new lifestyle, there may be cultural differences that will require flexibility. If you are used to city living and a fast-paced environment, the country lifestyle can cause culture shock and turn you away from the decision to move. Getting adjusted starts with learning how to experience something new and making the most out of what you can. Set some goals before moving to become acquainted with the city’s culture. Many places are car-dependent, whereas your hometown may utilize public transportation or walk more. 

Researching, visiting, and seeking the advice of friends, family, and a trusted real estate expert is an essential step in the relocation process. Remember to allow yourself plenty of time to accomplish everything you need to make your relocation a success. Let dedicated specialists help with the details, allow yourself time to explore your new city, and lay down some roots. Relocating is an enormous undertaking, but before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your new home and surroundings.

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