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Top 10 Reasons to move to Raleigh

Raleigh, North Carolina skyline.
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA skyline.

Raleigh, NC tops one of the best cities to live and work in the US. If you are considering relocating to Raleigh, you can take comfort in knowing there are several reasons to make that move. The beautiful city keeps luring new residents daily with a promising good life, career growth, and good job prospects. Who wouldn’t love to leave in a place with a bustling and stable economy? This is what Raleigh, NC offers. Popularly known amongst residents as the “City of Oaks”, its population is filled with a young, educated and enlightened people from diverse cultures in all age groups. Here are top reasons why you should live or consider making your home in Raleigh.

Red Hat office in Downtown Raleigh, NCTriangle Career Opportunities

Raleigh has a diverse and unique economic climate making it an attractive place for those looking to change jobs or start a career. Raleigh-Durham and RTP host firms from technology to biotech and medical industry sized from large Fortune 500 high-tech companies to startups. Raleigh was also featured as the Forbes #2 The Best Places For Business And Careers in 2018.

World-Class Healthcare

The Triangle is home to some of the best health care resources in the US. Keeping your family healthy requires having a superior health care system that works for you. In Raleigh, you will find international centers for medical care and research in Raleigh, the best of hospitals like the Duke University Medical Center, UNC hospitals and many other healthcare systems. It is one thing to have world-class health systems and another to have qualified personnel. These health care centers have renowned doctors. So if you find yourself in a situation, be rest assured you will be tended to by the best.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Raleigh is relatively lower compared to most comparable cities in America. Over the years, home prices have steadily been on the increase as more and more people move to the area for a better life or a career. If you plan to own your home in a short while, know that owning a home is quite affordable property taxes are fair. Search Raleigh Triangle Area Homes.

Outdoor statue at the North Carolina Museum of Art | Raleigh, NC
Outdoor statue at the North Carolina Museum of Art | Raleigh, NC

Arts & Culture

Raleigh’s population is young and diverse with a strong sense of community with friendly people willing to help you out in need. Tired and wondering when you could rest a bit? There are several green spaces for relaxation, picnics in the park, greenway trails in Raleigh’s network of parks. The city also offers growing music and art scenes and family-friendly museums for a family time out. The Triangle is host to world-class theatres and museums. Here, you get to experience culture to the fullest. Let’s not forget the Marbles Kids Museum where new exhibits are displayed monthly.

College Sports

If you are a basketball lover, then welcome to Raleigh! No other sports bring out the passion and fan frenzy like basketball does. In Raleigh, basketball is king! With three major universities which are just a few minutes drive from each other, the competition and rivalry are fierce with Duke, NC State, and UNC-Chapel Hill. If you have big plans during the NCCA or ACC tournament, just forget it. Those days are practically holidays in the Triangle.

Great Education

Some of the best schools are found in Raleigh. Whether you are looking to go to college or finding quality education for your kids, Raleigh is proudly home to the best. From NC State to Duke University and UNC you are guaranteed only the premium education. The area has a youthful vibe, and the availability of good schools make it a place to grow and raise a family. For your kids in grade school, Raleigh offers quality private, charter, and public education in one of the best school systems in North Carolina – Wake County Public School System (WCPSS).

Location to Mountains or Beaches

One of Raleigh’s beauty is its beaches and mountains. If a weekend getaway is your thing, you have the Asheville or Boone area for skiing in winter and hiking in summer. The closest beach to the Triangle area is the Wrightsville Beach, others include the Holden Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Ocean Isle. Experience the beauty of the water while you lay under the gentle sun for a tan.

Raleigh Dining & Drinks

Everyone loves the taste of superior food with family and friends. Raleigh offers you a diverse selection of dining to fit all tastes. With different restaurants offer a variety of cuisine, it is no wonder residents enjoy dining out or having a beer or two in one of Raleigh ’s microbreweries.  The city has at least 20 craft breweries who have made a home In Raleigh.

Raleigh Night Life

At night, Raleigh is bustling with so many activities. You’ll find the city’s restaurants and bars filled with people enjoying a spectacular experience on the town. There’s always something to do, from the street festivals to downtown concerts to the trolley pub, and many more. The nightlife scene is diverse and has something for everyone.  Every weekend has its surprises so you’ll definitely find something that catches your interest.


Geographically, Raleigh is situated between the Outer Banks, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and beaches of the Atlantic Coast. With 4 distinct seasons, Raleigh’s weather is perfect for outdoor activities all year round – pool weather all through the summer, mild winters and the occasional snow days.

Living in Raleigh is a beautiful experience. Residents are warm and welcoming and it’s a great place to raise a family.

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  • Monica
    Written on

    Sounds like the kind of environment that would be good for my daughter and I. Right now she’s got alot of teenage drama I want to get away from. I like the fact that the health care industry is good, I work in the healthcare field. My daughter is starting high school in a charter school setting, so I think something more intimate like a charter school would be better than public. Seems housing is more affordable compared to sky high prices out here in California!

  • Raleigh is an amazing city. This list is a great overview of why it keeps being one of the top cities to move to in USA! Thanks for making this post!

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