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Up and Coming Design Trends from the 2021 Parade of Homes

The Parade of Homes features the latest innovations in homebuilding in each prospective area, including exterior and interior design trends. This is an opportunity for the general public to see the latest and greatest in home construction, whether they are looking to purchase a home or merely enjoy touring homes for design inspiration. This year, there were several trends that stood out in the homes that were showcased. 

Adaptable spaces for multi-use

Since many companies have continued to have employees work from home, homebuyers are searching for more office space and spaces that are adaptable for several uses. Both employees and employers are seeing huge benefits from allowing people to work from home, which means that their home needs to have a suitable space for work, along with other spaces that can be used for workouts, school work, family time, relaxing, and more.

Amped-up Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Now more than ever, home buyers are looking for great outdoor spaces for entertaining and unwinding. Outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, pools, and seating areas have gained popularity over the past two years, as people have been not able or willing to go out to large social gatherings or travel as much as they typically would. 

Big Windows 

Many homes, especially newly constructed, are using the windows to draw in natural light to create a bright and modern look and feel throughout. This also creates a more seamless connection between the inside and outside of the home. 

Muted Colors

Light greys and whites are very prevalent throughout the homes that we have seen in the Parade of Homes this year. These light, neutral colors create the appearance of openness and brightness. Blue is also highly popular this year, as it adds an air of calmness to any living space.  Need some tips for choosing the right paint color for your home? Read our article on How to Select the Right Neutral Paint Color for Your Home

Smart Technology

As technology advances, there is no question that the same is true for its application in the home. Fully integrated smart home systems are increasingly becoming a staple in homes, along with smart thermostats, video doorbells, home security systems, at-home workout technology, and much more. For an in-depth look at smart home technology trends, visit our article 4 Must-Have Smart Home Technologies to Consider in 2021.  

Steeply Pitched Rooflines

The use of gables in roofing is making a huge comeback and is most notably creating an impressive curb appeal on many newly constructed homes in the Triangle.  Aside from the aesthetic appeal, steeply pitched roofs also avoid excessive water pooling and debris collection. 

Contrasting Exteriors 

The use of extreme light and dark shades in exteriors to create a striking look is becoming prevalent. The contrast creates a stunning visual on the outside of the home that is interesting without being overly complex and busy. 

Wooden Accents 

Both the interiors and exteriors of homes are making use of wooden accents to add a unique touch to indoor and outdoor spaces. Exposed beams with natural finishes, contrasting woodwork on patios, and wooden accent walls are being utilized to add a touch of a rustic feel into homes that have open floor plans and modern color schemes throughout.  This look is being seen in modern design and farmhouse-style homes alike. 

The various trends that we saw reflected in this year’s Parade of Homes have helped create the chic, modern farmhouse style that is becoming the go-to look in new homes throughout the Triangle.  Each home and builder uses their knowledge of the latest design trends to create a beautifully finished home.  Take a look at the top homes from this year’s Parade of Homes, and see which of our 2021 Parade entries won by visiting

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