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Town Highlight: Pittsboro

If you’re looking for a small community with big personality that’s not far from the Triangle, Pittsboro may be the perfect place to consider. This town of just under 5,000 is less than 20 miles south of Chapel Hill and a 40-minute drive to the Research Triangle Park. It’s in an ideal location for anyone who wants both proximity to big city amenities and a rural, close-knit community that’s growing in exciting new ways.

The town of Pittsboro was formed in 1787 as the seat of Chatham County. The town was named after one of the sons of the Earl of Chatham, who was a defender of the rights of colonial Americans. However, its early foundations began in 1771, toward the end of North Carolina’s colonial period. In that year, Chatham County was established when its county courthouse was built, close to where Pittsboro now stands.

In its early days, the community had an open market, which brought visitors for the purchase of goods from farmers, jewelry makers, and medical practitioners. It was also a magnet for creative artists, including actors and musicians. Today, Pittsboro continues to create appeal for its uniqueness and all it offers. From historic homes converted into bed and breakfasts to attractions like regular wine courses, spas, and incredible golf courses, this community has so much to offer you may just forget it’s a small town. After all, Chatham County is the third fastest-growing county in North Carolina, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Pittsboro is known for its agritourism, where farm tours, farmers’ markets, and farm to table restaurants are a massive draw for visitors and residents alike. The downtown area is home to fantastic restaurants, from the old-fashioned S&T’s Soda Shoppe to fine dining establishments to southern-style fish houses and everything in-between. Downtown also has boutique and antique shops, a toy store, and even a children’s youth theater. Pittsboro is also known for its wineries and distilleries, which are part of the Chatham Beverage District and a piece of North Carolina history. It’s where you can sample from Starrlight Mead, an award-winning mead and honey wine maker, or enjoy a beverage at Fair Game Beverage Company Wine and Spirits, which was North Carolina’s 13th legal distillery. Pittsboro is just moments from Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, a state park with over 1,000 campsites, beaches, boating ramps, and 14 miles of hiking trails. And there’s even the Carolina Tiger Rescue, which provides guided tours where you’ll see tigers, caracals, servals, ocelots, and kinkajous that have been saved and are now protected.

Pittsboro is a natural place for growth as the Triangle continues to expand. New construction will provide potential buyers with the opportunity to purchase the spacious, luxury homes buyers are wanting. Pittsboro is also growing in new, exciting ways as a massive mixed-use community, Chatham Park, will bring new retail, office, and living spaces to the area. Despite its colonial history, Pittsboro has a modern appeal that’s perfect for young professionals, growing families, and even retirees who want a friendly, yet inspiring place to call home.

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